Welcome to my little corner of the internet

This site is an ongoing project, meaning it may never be truly complete! it is a space where I will keep all of my passions and projects as I learn how to code~
Site Plans/To-Do List:

Nostalgia page, hosted on nekoweb
Move buttons page from old site
Move collections page from old site


anime tracker
motivation page
site dailies
button wall
collections page
nostalgia page

Site Updates:

14.04.24:Spent most of the day trialing fonts

02.04.24: Began work on a motivation page

27.03.24: Spent several weeks debating iframe vs. no iframe before continuing with the site... Lost of layout planning + created anime tracker page

01.03.24: Started a whole new layout now I have a better grasp of the coding, going from the ground up!

26.02.24: Added status cafe box, imood update & chatbox!

25.02.24: Started creating a to-do page where I can keep various lists of things

22.02.24: Changed cursor. Created my own site button & linked some of my favs on the buttons page.

21.02.24: Changed scrollbars to pink! (might need some work still?) Also updated home page with some extra bits of info and stamps

18.02.24 Working more on collections page

16.02.24: Started work on a secondary 'collections' page that I want to make work outside the iframe of the main site!

15.02.24: Updated Tamagotchi page with part of my collection, inc my own photos!

12.02.24: working on updates box & tamagotchi collection page

11.02.24: Added scrolling stamp bar to bottom of page. Created and added Neopets buttons.

10.02.24: Site has gone live!

that's right boys, mondo cool

Site Started: 10 Feb 2024
Last Update: 14 April 2024

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